Big Wheel Deal in CFL

logo-alf-bwd-2017Our 2017 Big Wheel Deal in Central Florida benefitting our local outreach to individuals and families living with disabilities is scheduled for March 18th at First Baptist Windermere from 1pm to 4pm.

The Big Wheel Deal, simply put, is a wheelchair basketball tournament. What makes it unique is that it is not only played by people who normally use wheelchairs but those who don’t, too! This makes for some funny wheeling, unorthodox playing and unusual scoring techniques. The way we fundraise is by getting pledges for every point a team scores. Anyone can ask for pledges and anyone can give!

Ready to join in the fun? You can register to play on a team, compete in the free throw contest or volunteer at the upcoming CFL BWD by clicking HERE.

Interested in supporting a team financially? Click HERE. Then select the CFL BWD in the drop-down menu and write which team you are supporting in the comments box.

Checkout photos from our past Big Wheel Deals in Central FL below: